MIL STD- Configuration Control- Engineering Changes, Deviations and Wavers

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4. Requirements for Engineering Changes

4.1 General
The steps in processing an engineering change consist of the following:
(a) determination of a need for the change, (b) establishment by the originator of a classifications of the engineering change as Class I or Class II, (c) preparation of an ECP, (d) submittal to the Government, (e) review, (f) approval/disapproval or concurrence/nonoccurrence in classification, and (g) incorporation of approved (or concurred in) engineering changes in the configuration item and in the data, including when applicable, negotiation into the contract. Parts substitutions specified in, and authorized by, military specifications and standards for nonreparable parts may be made after completion of equipment qualification or first article test without initiation of Class I or Class II engineering changes, deviations (see 7.1), or waivers (see 8.1), provided that the factors of sub-paragraphs 4.2.1.c, d and e, except e(7), are not affected. A list of all part substitutions shall be prepated by the contractor, updated as additions or deletions are made, and maintained for the life of the contract.

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1.1 Purpose
This standard provides:

a. Requirements for maintaining configuration control of configuration items
b. Requirements for the preparation and submission of proposed engineering changes, deviations, waivers and notices of revision (NORs).
c. Requirements for submitting the technical, fiscal and logistic supporting information necessary to define the impact of a proposed engineering change.
d. Instructions for submitting the information necessary to maintain the configuration identification in current status.

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