MIL STD- Configuration Control- Engineering Changes (Short Form) Deviations and Waivers

Keywords configuration control deviations and waivers engineering changes MIL STD short form

4. General Requirements

4.1 General requirements for ECPs.
The contractor shall not incorporate any change into an item, as described in the configuration identification prescribed by the contract, unless an ECP has been approved as set forth herein. Contractual authorization will be required prior to implementation of an ECP which affects contract cost, fee, schedule or technical requirements specified either in the contract or in the configuration identification prescribed directly by its identifying number in the contract.(Configuration control begins at contract award using the functional, allocated or product configuration identification prescribed by the Government and continues throughout the life of a configuration item.)

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1.1 Scope
This standard establishes requirements, formats and procedures for the preparation, submission and approval or disapproval of engineering change proposals (ECPs), utilizing DD Form 1693, and requests for deviations and waivers utilizing DD Form 1694.

1.2 Purpose
The purpose of this standard is to establish configuration control requirements and procedures applicable to the acquisition and modification of items procured by the Department of Defense (DoD).

1.3 Application
It is intended that this standard be applied to contracts or orders for procurement of the following:

a. multi-application or standard items which were not developed as subvisions of a specific system
b. items fabricated in accordance with a mandatory detail design which was not developed by the fabricator; and
c. privately developed items (e.g., commercial off-the-shelf items), when the procuring activity has determined that the application of change control to such items is necessary and that the short form ECP is applicable

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