FAA STD- Appendix III (Criteria for Selecting Configuration Items)

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30.4 General considerations
30.4.1 Need for configuration item identification
Selection of CIs is based on the definition contained in FAA Order 1800.8- an aggregation of hardware/software, or any of its discrete portions, which satisfies an end use function. CIs are those specification items whose functions and performance parameters must be defined and controlled to achieve the overall end use function and performance.

30.4.2 Level of government control
The CI must be manageable level of assembly. The selection of CIs is normally a function of anticipated design and should be independent of the concept for future-procurement. The selection process, which separates the elements of a system into individually identified subsets for the purpose of managing their development, usually limits the designation of CIs to major subsystem levels of Work Breakdown Structure, or to a critical item of a lower level, when so identified. CI selection reflects and optimum management level during acquisition. This level is one at which the procuring activity specifies, contracts for, and accepts individual elements of a system.

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30.1 Purpose
This appendix provides criteria for selecting Configuration Items. As used herein, CIs also encompass Computer Software CIs (CSCIs).

30.2 Scope
The criteria fo this appendix shall be used in the CI selection process whenever it occurs during the life cycle.

30.3 Applicability
Each contractor shall be responsible for his compliance with this appendix as well as the compliance of his subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers in accordance with paragraph 1.3 of this standard.

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