FAA STD- Appendix XI (Specification Change Maintenance)

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110.6 Preparation of the SCN
By definition, all Class I engineering change proposals (ECPs) require a specification change notice (SCN). Errata of a minor nature (such as typographical errors, punctuation, etc) normally shall not be corrected, except as an incidental part of the next technically required ECP and accompanying proposed SCN. For those ECPs that do not affect the specification contents and affect the hardware only, the approved SCN shall indicate only that the SCN has been added to the ECP for change traceability.

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110.1 Purpose
This appendix provides amplified instructions for the preparation of a proposed specification change notice (SCN), as approved specification change notice, specification change pages, specification revisions, and amendments as set forth in FAA-STD-005. For computer software specification maintenance, see Appendix XII.

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