FAA STD- Appendix XIV (Definitions)

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140.1 Baseline

A configuration identification document or a set of such documents formally designated and fixed at a specific time during a configuration items (CI's) life cycle. Baslines, plus approved changes from those baselines, constitute the current configuration identification. For configuration management there are four baselines, as follows:

140.1.1 Functional baseline
The functional baseline is normally the first baseline established and is usually the product of the systems requirements process as described in the latest edition of FAA Order 1810.1 System Acquisition Management. It shall be established by authentication of the system specification, or item specification. This document becomes the contractor's technical base for accomplishing system requirements analysis and allocating functions to configuration items (CIs).

140.1.2 Allocated baseline
As allocated requirements are grouped into a specific function or set of functions, a new CI is identified. The development specification which contains the 'design to' technical requirements shall be the basis for detail design. Establishment of the allocated baseline occurs with the authentication of the development specification.

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