DID- Operating Procedures for Hazardous Materials

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10 Preparation Instructions

10.1 General
Operating Procedures for Hazardous Materials is referred to as 'SOPs' throughout theese Preparation Instructions.

10.2 Content and format
Formates are delineated in Figures 1 through 9. Content requirements are as follows:

10.2.1 SOPs for Operations
All SOPs for operations (including laboratory operations and electrical operations over 30 volts) in the production of ammunition, explosives, or any other hazardous material shall contain the following information:

a. Complete step-by-step instructions.

b. Assignment of responsibilities for specific operations (i.e. foreman, operator)

c. Reason(s) why procedures should be followed in the manner delineated and the potential consequences if not followed.

d. Adequate warnings at appropriate places.

e. List of appropriate protective clothing and equipment for each operation.

f. LIst fo approved tools and equipment for each operation.

g. Written statements from supervisors and operators attesting they have read and understood each SOP governing work they shall be responsible for. Statement shall also designate the date signed and SOP Number to include revisions and changes.

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