DID- Request for Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM)

Keywords DID PDM programmed depot maintenance

10. Preparation Instructions
10.1 Reference Documents
The applicable issue of the documents cited herein, including their approval dates and dates of any applicable revisions and changes shall be as specified in the contract.

10.2 General
Annual requirements (for the next budget year) shall be on AFTO Form 227. Separate Forms 227 shall be used for each item of equipment reported. The subsequent four out-years shall be in contractor's format and shall contain the information identified in paragraph 10.4

10.3 AFTO Form 227
Forms shall contain data as indicated below:
a. Block 1.
Symbol name of the maintaining command

b. Block 2.
The fiscal year in which the requested maintenance support is programmed or will be needed, (e.g.. "91" for inputs submitted in 1990)

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3. Description
3.1 Command and the maintaining command for use in the development of a depot maintenance schedule for the next five fiscal years.

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