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This section provides an overview of the current situation or system(s) relevant to the proposed capability. For unprecedented systems, this section should address the situation that motivates the need for the proposed capability. In some cases, the 'current situation may include several systems (both manual and automated) which partially provide the proposed capability. The amount and level of information provided will vary considerably with each capability and project. Drafters should aim to limit information to that which is relevant to the proposed capability, and refer to existing documents to provide additional detail. Note that detailed discussion of the limitations of the current situation should be described in section 5, not in this section.

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Guidance on Content and Language

All paragraphs which are numbered within this DID should be considered for inclusion in the OCD. Where discussion of a topic is lengthy, consideration should be given to locating the material in an annex, or in a separate document referenced from the OCD. In the latter case a summary of the contents and the document's contribution may be warranted. Advice to authors is shown in italics. This material is primary concerned with deciding the level of information to include and approaches for different projects. With regard to the types of issues which should be included in the OCD, it is important to recognise that an OCD provides background on the need for an operational capability and should avoid what are predominantly project/technical issues such as detailed project background or issues, acquisition issues, detailed engineering constraints, or technology issues. Where deemed necessary to ensure adequate understanding of the OCD, the project issues should be summarised in section 1 or section 3 as a form of 'context' for the document.

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