DID- Interface Requirements Specification (IRS)

Keywords analysis report DID SSHA system safety hazard

3. Description/Purpose

3.1 The Hazard Analyses are used to systematically identify and evaluate hazards, both real and potential for their elimination or control. The System Safety Hazard Analysis Report documents these hazard analyses.

10. Preparation Instructions

10.1 Source document
The applicable issue of the document cited herein, including their approval dates and dates of any applicable amendments and revisions shall be as reflected in the contract.

10.2 Contents
Hazard analysis reports shall contain the following

10.2.1 System description
This will consist of summary descriptions of the physical and functional characteristics of the system and its components. Reference to more detailed system and component descriptions, including specifications and detailed review documentation shall be supplied when such documentation is available. The capabilities, limitations, and interdependence of these components shall be expressed in terms relevant to safety, The system and components shall be addressed in relation to its mission and its operational environment. System block diagrams or functional flow diagrams may be used to clarify system descriptions. Software and its role(s) shall be included in this description.

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