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Use, Relationships: A performance specification will be used to specify functional requirements for items used in multiple programs or applications, in terms of required results, the environment in which it must operate, interface and interchange characteristics, and the criteria for verifying compliance. Performance specification documents are intended for reference in acquisition contracts.
This Data Item Description contains the content and format preparation instructions for performance specifications and their associated documents that are described in the following paragraphs of MIL-STD-961E. Only those documents listed below will be required when specified individually on contract.

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1. Reference documents. The applicable issue of the documents cited herein, including their approval dates and dates of any applicable amendments, notices, and revisions, shall be as specified in the contract.
2. Format and content. Format and content for Performance specification documents shall be as follows:
a. Performance Specification. Format and content of performance specification shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-961, paragraphs 4.1 through 5.14.
b. Performance Specification Sheet. Format and content of performance specification sheets shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-961, paragraphs 5.16 through 5.16.4.

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