DID- Ballistic Acceptance Test Report

Keywords acceptance ballistic ballistic acceptance DID test report

3. Description/Purpose

3.1 This DID identifies the format and content requirement covered by the specific and discrete task for the contractor to prepare this data product identified in the contract Statement of Work (SOW).

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10. Preparation Instructionc

10.1 Contract
This data item is generated by the contract which contains a specific and discrete work task to develop this data product.

10.2 General
The data to be reported encompasses testing requirements prescribed by the item detail specification

10.3 Format
The Ballistic Acceptance Test Report shall be in contractor's format.

10.4 Content
Each Ballistic Acceptance Test Report shall contain the following:

a. Contract No. and Manufacturer

b. End Item Nomenclature

c. Item detail specification number and title (including any amendment).

d. Lot No. and Quantity

e. Date(s) conducted.

f. Total rounds expended on test (listed by test phases when applicable).

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