DID- Program-Unique Specification Documents

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Use, Relationships: A program-unique specification will be used to specify functional and performance requirements and, where applicable, design solutions for systems, items, software, processes, and materials developed and manufactured for use with a single system, product, or application. Requirements are stated, as applicable, in terms of required results, the environment in which it must operate, interface, and interchange characteristics; materials to be used; how the item is to be fabricated or constructed; and criteria for verifying compliance. Program-unique specification documents are intended for reference in contracts.

This Data Item Description (DID) contains the content and format preparation instructions for program-unique specification documents, and for revisions thereto, described in MIL-STD-961. This DID should not be invoked for items used in multiple systems, products, or applications. In multiple application cases, specification documents should be prepared in accordance with DI-SDMP-81464A and DI-SDMP-81465A.

System specifications should not be prepared in accordance with this DID if DI-IPSC-81431A is included in the Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL). Software specifications should not be prepared in accordance with this DID if DI-IPSC-81433A, DI-IPSC-81434A, and DI-IPSC-81441A are included in the CDRL.

This DID supersedes DI-SDMP-81493.

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