DID- Evacuation Plan

Keywords DID evacuation evacuation plan

3. Description/Purpose

3.1 This report provides the procuring agency with the contractor's plan for evacuation of range personnel in the event of a nuclear leak or act of God.

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10. Preparation Instructions

10.1 General
This data item is generated by the contract which contains specific and discrete work task to devleop this data product

10. Content and format
The format shall be clear, logical, and easily understood, contractor, format acceptable. This report shall contain the information as indicated below:

10.2.1 The plan shall contain the following information

10.2.2 Individual in Charge

10.2.3 Number of People in Party

10.2.4 Time on Range

10.2.5 Location on Range

10.2.6 Reason for Being on Range

10.2.7 Callsign (for radio if available)/or phone number.

10.2.8 Evacuation routes for various site locations and main marshalling areas

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