Production Inspection Equipment Test Systems Engineering Design Data

Keywords engineering design data equipment test systems production inspection

7. Application / Interrelationship

7.1 This data item description contains the format and content preparation instruction for the data product generated by the specific and discrete requirement for this data included in the contract.

10. Preparation Instructions

10.1 Format. The design data shall be in contractor format.

10.2 Content. The production inspection Equipment Test Systems Engineering Design Data shall contain the following sections:

10.2.1 Design Data. Design data shall include test programs and test program translations when the test system employs automatic test equipment.

10.2.2 Software Data. Software data shall include an explanation of all special purpose extensions for the program language and description of the program logic. The software documentation shall be suitable for analytical evaluation of the inherent ability of the programming to perform all test and calibration requirements with respect to specifications in accordance with contract requirements.

10.2.3 Equipment Programming Instruction(EPI). The EPI shall contain the procedures necessary to configure and link the program into an operating system. The EPI consist of functional descriptions of source language listings with sufficient commentary for understanding each subroutine (drivers), calculations, measurements point and error condition.

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3. Description / Purpose

3.1 Engineering design data provides information pertinent to the design of components, equipment or software and necessary for the understanding of these items subsequent test. Data is used for analytical evaluation of the inherent ability of the test systems to attain the required performance.

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