Configuration Management Data Interface Transactions Data Information Packets (DIPs)

Keywords configuration management data information packets data interface transactions DIPs


1. Reference documents. The applicable issue of any documents cited herein, including their
approval dates and dates of any applicable amendments, notices, and revisions, shall be as
specified in the contract.

2. Format and content. The format and content of the specific data information packets ordered
in the CDRL shall be in accordance with the requirements of the applicable DIPs of AMCSTD-
2549A, Appendix D listed below and indicated by a bullet.


• Parts
• Software
Product Structure:
• Part Relationships

Product Definition Documents:

• Drawings (DWG)
• Associated Lists (LIST)
• Specifications (SPEC)
• Standards (STD)
• Part Models (PARTMOD)
• Software Documentation (SWDOC)

Configuration Control Documents:

• Engineering Change Proposal (ECP)
• Notice of Revision (NOR)
• Request for Deviation (RFD)

Other Product Related Documents:

• Technical Manual (TECHMAN)
• General Documents (GENDOC)

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This Data Item Description is approved for use by the Army only.

This Data Item Description will be cancelled upon publication of EIA-836.

Data Information Packets (DIPs) are used as building blocks that can be assembled into
messages for submitting deliverables that satisfy contractual data requirements or that exchange
standard data between databases. The DIPs define the meta-data elements and documents/files
to be provided in the data transaction and correlate those information elements with the data
model and dictionary described in Appendices B (to be published) and C of AMC-STD-2549A.
DIPs define the meta-data elements and their structure that describes the products, product
structure and documents for configuration management of weapon systems.

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