Price Estimate Methodology Report for Unit of Measure (UM) Price

Keywords price estimate methodology report unit of measure price

7. Application / Interrelationship

7.1 This Data Item Description (DID) contains the format and content preparation instructions for the data product generated by the specific and discrete task requirement for this data included in the contract.

7.2 This DID may be applied in any contract and during any program phase to acquire methodology used to estimate UM prices depicted on the Provisioning Parts List (PPL).

7.3 This DID is normally applied to contracts requiring Provisioning Technical Documentation (DI-V--7000A thru 7009A)

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3. Description / Purpose

3.1 This report identifies the analysis and evaluation procedure or process used in determining UM price estimates. This data will be used to enhance the accuracy of initial provisioning entries with regard to costing.

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