Keywords Software Version Description (SVD)


l . Reference documents. None.

2. General instructions.

a. Automated techniques. Use of automated techniques is encouraged. The term "document" in this DID means a collection of data regardless of its medium.

b. Alternate presentation styles. Diagrams, tables, matrices, and other presentation styles are acceptable substitutes for text when data required by this DID can be made more readable using these styles.

3. Format. Following are the format requirements.

The specification shall be in contractor format unless otherwise specified on the Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL)(DD 1423). The CDRL should specify whether deliverable data are to be delivered on paper or electronic media; are to be in a given electronic form (such as ASCII, CALS, or compatible with a specified word processor or other support software); may be delivered in developer format rather than in the format specified herein; and may reside in a computer-aided software engineering (CASE) or other automated tool rather than in the form of a traditional document.

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Use, Relationships:

The Software Version Description (SVD) identifies and describes a software version consisting of one or more Computer Software Configuration Items (CSCIs). It is used to release, track, and control software versions.

The term "version" may be applied to the initial release of the software, to a subsequent release of that software, or to one of multiple forms of the software released at approximately the same time (for example, to different sites).

This Data Item Description (DID) contains the format and content preparation instructions for the data product generated by specific and discrete task requirements as delineated in the contract.

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