Functional Cost-Hour Report (DD Form 1921-1)

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1. Reference documents.

a. DoD Instruction 5000.2, “Operation of the Defense Acquisition System,” 12 May 2003. This instruction contains mandatory CCDR requirements.

b. DoD 5000.4-M, “Cost Analysis Guidance and Procedures,” December 1992.

c. DoD 5000.04-M-1, “Cost and Software Data Reporting (CSDR) Manual,” [most current].

d. DD Form 2794, “Cost and Software Data Reporting Plan.” Commonly referred to the CSDR Plan, a completed DD Form 2794 must be approved by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Cost Analysis Improvement Group (CAIG) Chair.

2. Format. Use DD Form 1921-1 and the detailed preparation instructions below. Templates are available from the Defense Cost and Resource Center (DCARC) Web site ( A separate DD Form 1921-1 report must be completed for each WBS Reporting Element for which an “X” is marked in Item 13c (Column “DD 1921-1”) of the OSD CAIG Chair-approved contract or subcontract CSDR Plan. All required DD Form 1921-1s must be submitted together in a single stand-alone Excel-compatible file with each DD Form 1921-1 on a separate tab or as a DCARC approved Extensible Markup Language

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For background and detailed requirements related to Contractor Cost Data Reporting (CCDR), refer to DoD 5000.04-M-1, “Cost and Software Data Reporting (CSDR) Manual.”

DD Form 1921-1, “Functional Cost-Hour Report,” is used by contractors to submit: (1) direct and indirect actual cost data on both a recurring and nonrecurring basis on Government contracts and (2) proposed direct and indirect cost data in response to Government solicitations according to Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS) 215-403.5.

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