Function and Performance Specification

Keywords Function and Performance Specification (FPS) function specification performance specification requirements specification specification

6.2.3 Section 3 – Requirements General This section shall be divided into the following paragraphs to specify the requirements for the Materiel System; that is, those characteristics of the Materiel System that form part of the
conditions for its acceptance by DMO’s customers. The degree of detail to be provided shall be guided by the following rules:
a. The requirements should aim to show “What the system needs to do (and how well)”, not “How the system should achieve the outcomes”.
b. Include those characteristics of the system that are conditions for acceptance; defer to design descriptions those characteristics that the acquirer is willing to leave up to the
developer. If there are no requirements in a given paragraph in the specification, the paragraph shall so state. If a given requirement fits into more than one paragraph, it may be stated once and
referenced from the other paragraphs. Each requirement shall be stated in such a way that an objective verification method can be defined for it. Each requirement shall identify one or more verification method to be used to determine conformance with the FPS.

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The purpose of the Function and Performance Specification (FPS) is to define a validated set of requirements for the Materiel System, which will:
a. provide a basis for acquiring a Materiel System;
b. satisfy the needs as expressed in the Operational Concept Document (OCD) at an affordable cost, and
c. invite maximum reasonable competition consistent with the acquisition strategy.
The Capability Development Group (CDG) uses the FPS to:
a. assist with developing the business case for a project, as required to support First Pass and Second Pass approvals;
b. assist with defining the scope of a project;
c. define the requirements for those elements of the Capability System that will be acquired by the DMO; and
d. define one of the essential elements of the Materiel Acquisition Agreement (MAA).

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