Performance and Cost Report

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Preparation Instruction:

10.1 Format
The performance and cost report format shall be contract selected. Unless effective presentation would be graded,
the initially used format arrangement shall be used for all subsequent submissions.

10.2 Content
The performance and cost shall contain the following:

10.2.1 Man-hours
Total man hours expended by technical categories or program tasks, cumulative total man-hours to date, and
percentages spent to date. State whether or not remaining hours are sufficient to complete the task.

10.2.2 Funds
Total funds expended, by task, for the month; cumulative total funds spent to date; and percentage of total
contract funds spent to date and state whether or not total funds are sufficient to
complete the task.

10.2.3 Work Completion
Percentage of work completed, by tasks during the month and cumulative percentage of total contract work
completed to date.

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The Performance and Cost Report provides current status and projected requirements of funds, man hours and work completion.

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