Failure Mode, Effects, and Critically Analysis Report

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This report shall document the results of the Failure Mode Effects Analysis, critically Analysis (FMECA), the FMECA maintainability information, and the damage modes and effects analysis (DMEA) when required in the contract statement of work. The report shall identify the level of analysis, summarize the results, document the data source and techniques used in performing the analysis, and include a system definition narrative, resultant analysis data and worksheets.

The worksheets shall be organised to first display the highest indenture levels of the system. CA worksheets, PMECA - mainly information worksheets, and DMEA worksheets, when required by contract, shall be organised in the report following the FMEA worksheets for the same indenture level. Information not available for interim reports, due to incomplete design or planning details shall be noted and provided when available.

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This report provides an analysis of independent single item failures and the resulting potential impact on mission success, performance, personnel safety, and maintainability. This Analysis is intended to promote design corrective actions by identifying potential failure risks in order that appropriate corrective actions may be taken early to eliminate or control high risk items to improve operational readiness and reduce life cycle costs.

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