Program Progress Report

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3. Contents. The report shall contain the following:

3.1 Work summary. A brief summary of work performed during the reporting period
providing positive or negative comments.

3.2 Schedule. A statement as to whether task or program is on schedule and if not,
efforts planned to meet schedule shall be explained.

3.3 Studies. Discussion of all studies conducted during the reporting period and the

3.4 Experimental work/test procedures. An explanation of experimental work
accomplished, description of test procedures applied (cite applicable military
specification, paragraph number and test parameters), results of test and
conclusions determined.

3.5 Designs. A description and illustration of all designs produced, along with
required changes made to a previous design and a brief statement of any
problems encountered.

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The Program Progress Report provides the Government with the
means to evaluate and monitor the progress made by the contractor of tasks in
accomplishing the goals established for the program.

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