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Security Vulnerability Analysis

[document] Submitted on 17 January, 2019 - 14:22
Keywords analysis security analysis vulnerability analysis
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The Security Vulnerability Analysis Shall include:

a. A preface with narrative description of the system. Information concerning each form of external
overt or covert method of attack against the system considered during system development.

b. Threat models in Threat Logic Three format showing showing their transition from preliminary to
initial threat logic trees and hence into summary threat matrix form.

c. Rationale used for threat rejection in developing the initial threat logic Tree.

d. An Evaluation of the conditional probabilities for achieving each adversary mission objective.

e. An assessment of security vulnerabilities related to inform security, personnel security, industrial
security, operations security, communications security, physical security, computer security, product
security and tempest.

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The Security Vulnerability Analysis provides the result of the contractor's efforts to quantitatively and qualitatively define system security functional requirements and residual clandestine vulnerabilities. It will be classified no lower than secret restricted Data, as applicable. This analysis contributes to the security vulnerability analysis.

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