Reliability Test Plan

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The Reliability Test Plan shall identify and describe planned contractor activities for
implementation of reliability test and Environmental Stress Screening (ESS), if required
by the contract. The plan shall contain a complete listing of all tests to be conducted for
the primary purpose of obtaining data for use in reliability analysis and evaluation of the
contract item or constituent elements thereof.

The test plan shall include the following:

a. Test objectives and requirements of each reliability test.
b. Test item configuration description and quantity to be tested
c. Test conditions, environmental, operational and performance profiles, and the duty
d. Test schedules and milestones including the test program review schedule
e. Test conduct ground rules, failure and accept criteria, and interface boundaries
f. Test facility and equipment descriptions and requirements, including provisions

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This plan describes the overall reliability test planning and its total integrated test requirements. It delineates required reliability tests, their purpose and schedule. This
document will be used by the procuring activity for review, approval, and subsequent
surveillance and evaluation of the contractor’s reliability test program.

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