Vibration Survey Report

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3. Content:

The report shall contain the test data obtained during specified vibration survey tests and shall include:

a. Description of the vibration survey test, including the following:
(1) Location and axis of accelerometers
(2) Levels and axis of imposed vibration
(3) Techniques used to perform the survey and record accelerometer output.
(4) Vibration check of fixtures to assure there are no fixture resonances in the
vibration test frequency range.
(5) Vibration sweep rate and dwell time at resonances.
(6) Rationale for selection of items monitored by sensors.

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This report covers the results of specified vibration surveys tests performed on equipment to determine if any resonant condition exists within the equipment, and also the magnitude of resulting acceleration forces as they relate to possible over stress of assemblies or components. The report will be used by the procuring activity to determine the readiness of the equipment for environment stress screening (ESS) and reliability tests.

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