Engineering Change Proposal System Safety Report (ECPSSR)

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Content. The ECPSSR shall include the following information resulting from a review of each ECP. When it is determined that there are no hazards, a description of the analysis process and factors which allowed this conclusion shall be included.

a. A list in a tabular form, of all hazards associated with the ECP. This includes all new hazards as
well hazards that were previously identified and were eliminated or controlled, and are affected by
the ECP( ie. their risk has been reduced or increased).

b. A risk assessment of these hazards. This shall include a pre-ECP and post ECP assessment with
severity and probability of occurrence.

c. The safety impact of the ECP upon the existing system.

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The ECPSSR can be used to summarize results of analyses, tests and tradeoff studies conducted on proposed engineering design changes throughout the system life cycle.

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