Waiver or Deviation System Safety Report (WDSSR)

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Contents. The WDSSR shall include the following information resulting form a review of each waiver or deviation request.

a. A statement of the specific safety requirements and its associated source document name and paragragh
number, as applicable, for which a waiver or deviation is being requested.

b. A detailed technical justification for the exception.

c. Analyses to show that the mishap potential of the proposed alternate requirement, method or process,
as compared to the specified requirement.

d. A narrative assessment of the risk involved in accepting the waiver or deviation.

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This WDSSR summarizes the results of analysis, test, and tradeoff studies as they relate to a request for waiver/deviation. It will identify the risk assessment, mishap potential, and justification associated with results of each waiver or deviation request throughout the system life cycle.

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