Test Plans/Test Procedures

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Standards groups Personnel Support Requirements. For each contractor or agency involved,
summarize personnel test support requirements. This shall include an assessment of the
kind of skills, number of personnel, and skill level and authority of each. Include training
requirements. Test Information Sheets. Detailed test procedure information shall be
documented on a test information sheet (TIS), or equivalent, to satisfy the individual
contractual verification requirements. Each TIS shall reflect the test planning, shall be
bound in separate volumes and may be delivered separate from the plans volume. Each
TIS shall include (1) title and number of applicable specification, (2) paragraph
number(s) of applicable specification, (3) title of test, (4) functional category of test, and
(5) the identification whether ground test or flight test, where applicable. Each TIS shall
include the following information to the depth necessary to show the adequacy of the test
methods and test limits:

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The Test Plans/Test Procedures provide a roadmap of the System Test Program. It includes general planning factors, objectives, scope and details of the contract portions of the test programs. In defining specific test objectives, data priorities, support, resource and configuration requirements, it is used to evaluate the proposed test program/ test procedures.

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