Pick and Mix at the Autumn Event

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Membership and Subscriptions

We have had a very good renewal rate following the end
of the year, no doubt helped by the very successful
Brighton event. Our membership numbers have kept us
in second place in the world league table of Chapter
membership numbers, but somewhat behind Washington Metro.

It is clear however, that many have not renewed their
subscriptions. Although we continue to send Newsletters
for a while we cannot do this forever due to the cost. Also
we do not like to lose you, especially if would prefer to be
a member and have a contribution to make but have just
not got round to sending me a cheque.

You know that you can join direct with the Central Office with a credit
card if it is easier for you. If you have not yet renewed
please send me a cheque for £50 made payable to
INCOSE UK. Include either your membership number or
business card to ensure that I do not allocate your money
to someone else. You could alternatively complete the
renewal slip on the following page.

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If you are interested in the cutting edge of soft systems,
then Monday is for you. This is a follow on from a highly
successful session at INCOSE ‘99, and the aim is to use
this session to launch a UK Soft Systems Focus Group.

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