The Challenge 2000

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The other main subject for discussion was the financial
state of the Chapter. INCOSE ‘99 was a highly
successful event from the point of view of the technical
quality of the content and the number of new members
attracted. Unfortunately it was not a financial success,
and as a result the UK Chapter ‘missed-out’ on the
contribution to the funds normally raised from the UK
Symposium. Much of the Chapter’s funding has been
derived from our events, and this funding is primarily
spent underwriting subsequent events and supporting
local activities.

Of course putting on high quality events is
an important service for members, and so it is vital that
we maintain the virtuous circle of putting on events to
raise the funding necessary to put on more events. The
aim for the future is to raise sufficient surplus from events
to allow other initiatives to be funded/supported and
widen the influence of INCOSE.

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Whether or not you subscribe to the view that the next
Millennium starts on 1st of January 2001, the year 2000
is a significant milestone for INCOSE. The organisation
was founded in 1990, and so completes its first decade.

Much has happened in this time, although it is recognised
that there is much to be done if INCOSE is to establish a
position as the first point of contact for Systems

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