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We are also encouraging more local events. Those held
in Bristol and Southampton have been highly successful,
and have attracted many current and prospective
members to presentations on a number of SE’s ‘hot
topics’. The great thing about local events is that, with the
support of local companies, they can provide a useful
service to members at a very low cost to all involved.
Underlying all this is the unprecedented number of
enquiries that have been received, from all quarters,
inviting involvement from INCOSE.

It is clear that INCOSE with its international connections, inclusive
attitude to SE practitioners, and links to standards
organisations, is becoming a focal point for Systems
Engineering, both in the UK and worldwide. As a
nationally based chapter we are well placed to explore
the possibilities for involvement with other organisations.
The US part of INCOSE finds this much more difficult
because the chapters do not have national coverage. We
are therefore in the position of being able to write the
INCOSE rule-book regarding links with other

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The administrator has fielded a number of questions
recently about what is happening within INCOSE UK,
because there is perceived to be a lack of events being
publicised. Hopefully this issue of the Newsletter should
correct this perception, although it is true that there were
a few problems to be faced at the beginning of this year.

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