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Last year 378 members either joined UK for the first time,
or renewed, making the UK Chapter of INCOSE the
second largest in the world. During last year we overtook
the second largest and at the end of last year were only
120 behind Washington Metro the most populated. It is
also encouraging to see the growth in Region 3 - Europe,
with 93 in the Netherlands, 83 in Norway, 80 in Germany,
and 59 in Sweden. The French are doing their own thing
of course, but have affiliate status, and there are around
25 members in Italy waiting for a Chapter to start up.

We knew that we had the best Systems Engineers, but
we did not know how many. I am sure that there are a lot
more in the woodwork, or wherever Systems Engineers
come from. Please take this as a reminder and give an
instant response by completing the form sent with your
reminder and returning it with your cheque for £54.
Please ensure that your membership number is correct
and legible.

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An analysis of the new joiners’ top issues is leading us to
a better understanding of what the membership wants
from INCOSE UK. We are hoping to refine this
understanding through a questionnaire to be distributed
to the members.

Requirements elicitation is a fundamental part of
Systems Engineering so maybe we should have thought of it before,
but better late than never I suppose. I have been developing a strategic plan
for INCOSE UK and hopefully we can use the survey and
other information to engineer an INCOSE that is totally
focused on the varied needs of our members - past,
present and future.

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