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Thank you to all of those who have replied to our recent
mailing reminding those who are registered on the
membership database as "Lapsed", i.e. not paid, that
payment is overdue. We also asked those who left
INCOSE why they wished to leave. There are still several
replies to come in and perhaps we can remind you to fill
in your form and post it in the reply paid envelope which
was provided.

If payment has not been made within two or three months
of the due date i.e 1st June each year INCOSE Central
Office removes you from the address list for delivery of
INSIGHT and other products, no access to the web site
etc. Once you have missed the print run on these there is
no facility to receive back copies.

Apologies also to the small number who had paid yet it
had not yet fed its way back to the UK database. We
would like them to reply as well as it helps us to correct
any errors and keep the membership information up to

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Cost-effectiveness measures are a similarly thorny
problem, also attracting much argument on the Discuss
list recently. How do you quantify the impact of mistakes
you haven’t made yet? The original Foresight Report to
the DTI attempted to explain this with the aid of examples
of bad and good Systems Engineering in the UK. If you’re
interested in following where this is going (perhaps for the
more strategically-minded amongst you), try looking at

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