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Welcome to this edition of the SESA Newsletter, and
what a bumper edition it is! I've been editor of this
Newsletter in its various forms for about 1 7 of the past 20
years of SESA's existence and I think this is perhaps the
first time that we have a President's column from the
outgoing President and one from the incoming President.
As Bob Dylan once wrote and sang, “The times they are achanging”,
and I think this is the case for SESA now.

Certainly, there have been changes in the past, some quite
significant such as becoming the Australian Chapter of
INCOSE, but now (finally) we have the imminent launch of
the Engineers Australia College of Engineering Leadership
and Management (CELM) which appears to be a logical
“home” for Systems Engineers. We have also expanded the
structure of the Management Committee and been
fortunate to have a number of new faces on the Committee.
Consequently, I thought it appropriate that members of the
Committee provide a very brief introduction to themselves,
so you can hopefully feel some familiarity when you meet
them at the next SESA event, or if you wish to contact one
of them to find out something about SESA or to put forward
a proposal for Committee consideration.

Following a period of research and investigation and an
intensive workshop last November, the Management
Committee has developed a comprehensive plan to go
forward into SESA's third decade. Still at the draft stage, a
copy is reproduced here, and you are invited (or should I
say, strongly urged?) to consider it and provide feedback to
the Management Committee, so that the plan, when
finalised, becomes a relevant document for you and your
development as a member of the Systems Engineering

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At one level, Systems Engineering is about ensuring that subsystems can be interfaced together and provide the desired capability to the system’s users. At another level, Systems Engineering is a multidisciplinary “discipline”, involving the bringing together and interworking of elements based on each of the different engineering disciplines (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental, Chemical, Software, etc.), as covered by the Engineers Australia Colleges.

The SESA logo shows that, under the umbrella of Engineers Australia, SESA is the “glue” which provides its members with the wherewithal to address the issues of complexity in bringing together the engineering disciplines and the subsystems to form a coherent whole.

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