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[document] Submitted on 15 February, 2019 - 11:19
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Master Timetable (MT)

The Master Timetable is the equivalent of the printed information published by Bus Operators to
passengers in the timetable pamphlets and at bus stops. For the purposes of SmartBus the Master
Timetable is constituted by a Master Timetable Templates (TT) file and a Master Schedule (MS) file.
A Master Timetable may be supplied for each separate depot. If Master Timetables are provided on a
depot by depot basis all subsequent files (TT, MS & DT) must also be provided on the same basis.
Master Timetable Templates The Master Timetable Templates (TT) file provides details of the scheduled departure times (origin and intermediate points) and arrival times (at destination) at all timing points for all services scheduled to operate on each type of timetable day. The type of vehicle (eg Low Floor, Low Floor with ramp, etc) and run and shift identifiers will also be included in the TT file. Run Identifiers specify a series of linked trips to be performed by a single bus during the day. Shift identifiers specify the driver who will operate the bus on the run. These are required to identify to the SmartBus system the next bus(es) on a route so that expected time to departure can be accurately forecast.

For example, a common set of services may be scheduled to operate on Mondays through
Thursdays. These services would all be represented by one timetable template within the MT file eg a
Master Timetable Template. Different services may operate on weekends and public holidays and
these too would be represented by their own templates eg SAT, SUN, PHOL.

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Bus Operators will manage the timetable generation process for all SmartBus services. The
information provided by this process will be used by various parties, including the operators, to advise passengers of the services that will normally operate on a given day, any planned alterations to those services and the current operation of the services. The information will also be used as an input into the development of timetable improvements and will be used to monitor the delivery of SmartBus

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