SmartBus ICT System Timetable Data Item Definitions

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The Daily Timetable (DT) file details the services scheduled for any given day as identified no later
than 5:00 PM on the day prior to the services being operated. This file will only be provided to the
System where a Bus Company plans to alter the services delivered from those specified in the Master
Timetable. Where no DT has been supplied by a Bus Company for a particular day, then the System
shall generate a DT based on the Master Timetable information loaded and validated at 5:00 PM on
the day prior to the services delivery.

The DT file will contain details of cancellations or shorts and any changes to scheduled times. It will
also identify any additional (to the Master Timetable) services/trips scheduled to be run. The file will
be identical in format to the Draft Daily Timetable (DD). It will contain one record for each monitoring
point on the service/trip.

The DT file shall be produced when changes to the Master Timetable service for a given day are

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The System shall supply data files to various parties based on the information provided by Bus
Companies and recorded during the operation of services. The System shall deliver to specified
recipients Master Timetable Template (TT), Master Schedule (MS), Draft Daily Timetable (DD), Daily
Timetable (DT) and Operations All Data (AD) files. These files shall be delivered to recipients after they are validated by the System according to a regular schedule of delivery times and/or after the System has completed its data collection for a given day.

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