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Statement Of Work For Supply and Support of a SmartBus Route 700 ICT System

[document] Submitted on 16 February, 2019 - 09:23
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Existing Pilot SmartBus ICT System The existing Pilot SmartBus ICT System is installed on Routes 703, 888 and 889. Route
703 is operated by the Ventura Bus Lines and runs between Blackburn Station and
Clayton Shopping Centre via Forest Hill Shopping Centre. 20 buses are equipped for this
route. Routes 888 and 889 are operated by Grenda’s Bus Services and run between
Nunawading Station and Springvale Shopping Centre via Forest Hill Shopping Centre
and Glen Waverley Station. 25 buses are equipped for this route. Traffic signal priority is provided at 34 sites. These are listed in Annex 1. Real-Time Passenger Information Displays (RPIDs) are currently provided at 39

These are listed in Annex 1. While the visual presentation and design layout of
these RPIDs does not fully conform to the Function and Performance Specification, the
Contractor is not required to modify the existing RPIDs except to standardise the
communications interface and ensure that they continue to provide accurate passenger
information in their current format, within the new System architecture. The Pilot SmartBus ICT System computer server platform is located in the VicRoads
Traffic Management Centre (TMC) on the lower ground floor, 60 Denmark Street Kew.
The Contractor may modify this equipment to enable it to perform the functions of the
System server in accordance with the Function and Performance Specification. However,
these modifications shall be carried out in such a way to minimise any effect on the
normal operation of the existing Pilot SmartBus ICT System. The Pilot SmartBus ICT System client-server network includes system terminals at the

following locations:

a. VicRoads TMC, Lower Ground Floor, 60 Denmark Street, Kew
b. Ventura Bus Lines, 1037 Centre Road, South Oakleigh
c. Grenda’s Bus Services, 9 Foster Street, Dandenong The Pilot SmartBus ICT System uses a private radio network for communications
between buses, RPIDs and the Pilot SmartBus server, and a separate low power radio
transmitter fitted to each bus for requesting traffic signal priority. Two radio base stations
and the Pilot SmartBus server are connected by leased lines. Annex 2 includes more
details on the Pilot SmartBus ICT System.

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The Contractor shall implement System functionality on bus route 700 between Box Hill
Station and Mordialloc Station as a project priority, and then extend this functionality to
the existing Pilot SmartBus Routes 703, 888 and 889 to create a single unified System.

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