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• The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) in conjunction with
other DoD Agencies has produced “the wall chart” outlining
standard phases in the life of a system from “cradle to grave”

• These Phases each have “standard” activities and products
associated with them and critical decision points or “gates” that
must be passed

• This is how we are supposed to do business and it is clear that
there are a number of “V” like sets of activities in each phase.
• The most notable “V” is that for the “Engineering Manufacturing
Development (EMD) phase of product development (MS-B) as it is
typically performed (or should be performed)

• It all starts with a “needs statement” and then flows until the need
is satisfied with a new system.

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Significantly Improve Quality, Time‐to‐Field, and Affordability of Army Systems
in the face of continued challenges:

• Exponentially growing system complexity
• Time‐to‐Field requirements decreasing and need to be shorter
• Budgets are decreasing with compounding effects
• Costs for qualification and certification have increased by almost
an order of magnitude

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