Extending Team Software Process (TSP) to Systems Engineering: A NAVAIR Experience Report

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To build integrated teams and quality systems from requirements to field deployment, we must establish the right foundation. This task consists of estimation and planning process, team processes, development and management practices, effective and timely training, launching, coaching, and operational support.

This report shows the great improvements possible when team TSPI to establish this foundation to meet critical business needs by delivering high quality systems on schedule and with improved productivity.

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Since the emergence of software engineering in the 1960s, the size, pervasiveness, and complexity of software intensive systems have by several orders of magnitude. The size of aircraft systems in the 1960s approximated 1,000 lines of code while while aircraft systems built in 2000 contained in more than six million lines of code. The pervasiveness of software within aircraft systems has increased from less than 10% in the 1960s to 80% in 2000.

Anita Carleton, Jim Over, Jeff Schwalb, Delwyn Kellog, Timothy A.Chick,
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