The Future of HFI for IPTs

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Project Performance Review and Assurance (PPRA)
• The DPA/DLO/TES will use the dashboard to determine if
projects are sufficiently mature to apply to the Investment
Appraisal Board (IAB) for Initial and Main Gate Approval
• System Readiness Levels (SRLs) are one of the key traffic
lights that indicate system maturity AND HFI is a major
component of the SRL assessment
• Selection of the right people is as important as designing the
right kit - HFI can widen the scope for selection and relieve the
burden of training
• Technical Enabling Service HF Group will assess SRLs

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Analysis of MoD HFI training needs and the provision of HFI
training courses within MoD tailored to individual IPT
• Development of a desktop support tool to provide practical
guidance to users in conducting HFI in the CADMID cycle

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