The Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) Version 1.5

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DoDAF Version 1.5 defines a common approach for DoD architecture description, development, presentation, and integration for all DoD Mission Areas. The DoDAF is intended to insure that architecture descriptions can be compared and related across organizational and mission boundaries, including Joint multi-national boundaries and DoD warfighting and business domains. The DoDAF is based upon a common architecture data model, the Core Architecture Data Model (CADM), and instantiated in the DoD Architecture Registry System (DARS), which provides a common space for DoD architectures as well an ability to register and federate with architectures maintained in other repositories throughout the Department.

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The Architecture & Interoperability Directorate, Office of the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer, in coordination with the DoDAF Working Group, has completed DoDAF version 1.5; this document is approved for immediate use. Since this document represents an incremental revision of DoDAF version 1.0, effective immediately, all architectures will be in compliance with this framework. Architectures that were not developed in accordance with DoDAF version 1.0 will comply with version 1.5 in their next release.

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