BNCC Information System Problem Analysis Report

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BNCC provides annual publications for its members in the form of
magazines and CD-ROMs. Since the member's fees include the cost of such
subscriptions, it is essential that each member may obtain a copy upon
request. But overproduction and unclaimed copies are not desirable, as it
incurs losses to the organization.

The system will aid in production (replication) and distribution management
of those media. For each publication cycle, it will keep records on how many
copies of the media produced, how many distributed, and the number that
are still in stock. The data obtained are to be assessed to provide a heuristic
on the number of copies that will need to be produced in the next
publication cycle.

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This report presents the detailed findings of our team's investigation of your
current BNCC system. The analysis were performed to provide a solid
ground on which to design the new computerized BNCC Information System,
code-named Buncis. We also update our ideas for solutions (to be further
investigated in the next phase). Finally, this report outlines our proposal of
the procedures and schedule to be followed for the next two phases of the
project. If you find any discrepancies or misconceptions, please bring them
to our immediate attention. We will schedule a formal meeting to discuss the
contents of this report.

Sasmito Adibowo Wiratna Sari Wiguna Yusri
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