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The following list is a set of objectives for FY04/05. A main objective for FY04/05 is to
improve MSFC software acquisition practices and insight practices. Section 5 correlates
the MSFC FY04/05 objectives and the associated products to the Strategy Areas of the
NASA Software Engineering Initiative.
a. Transition from Software CMM to CMMI for software as a guide for software
improvement activities.
b. For software development projects:
(1) Determine deficiencies perceived by project management.
(2) Determine strategy and set priorities to address software engineering
c. Improve software acquisition practices.
d. Improve software insight practices (technical monitoring of contractor-developed
e. Support the development of Agency policy, standards, metrics, and guidebooks
on NASA software.
f. Update organizational documentation to maintain compliance with the NASA
Software Policies and the Software Safety NASA Technical Standard.
g. Develop and maintain a Process Asset Library to contain or reference software
processes, documentation, best practices, policies, standards, guidelines and other
software resource information.
h. Improve MSFC software metric collection capabilities.
i. Accommodate software research infusion into MSFC projects.
j. Provide input to the Employee and Organizational Development Department
training process to annually prioritize software training needs.
k. Support NASA System Engineering improvement activities through coordination
with the NASA System Engineering Working Group.
l. Provide reports to the NASA Office of Chief Engineer and to the NASA Software
Working Group.
m. Revise MSFC-PLAN-3204 for FY06/07.

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The purpose of this plan is to define the implementation of the Marshall Space Flight
Center (MSFC) software development process improvement effort and to document how
MSFC supports the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Software
Engineering Initiative Implementation Plan. In compliance with the NASA Software
Policies NPD 2820.1, a major benefit that MSFC derives from the implementation of this
initiative is improved software development and acquisition processes enabling MSFC to
develop and acquire higher quality software. A major focus of this effort is to improve
the processes and practices in use at MSFC by continually measuring our level of
maturity against the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model/
Capability Maturity Model-Integrated (CMM/CMMI).

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