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[document] Submitted on 2 March, 2019 - 22:01
Keywords chief of staff instruction chief of state lessons learned program
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a. JLLP participants support the priorities and equities of their host
organization and, when appropriate, will contribute information, data, and
lessons learned that are germane to improving joint capabilities and readiness.
b. The JLLP is comprised of distributed lesson learned organizations at the
Joint Staff, combatant command, Service, and CSA level (Figure A-1). While
these entities have primary areas of focus, they are neither constrained from
investigating other areas of focus when necessary nor rigidly separated by
process or activity.

Effective relationships between lessons learned
organizations in the Joint Staff, USJFCOM, combatant commands, Services,
and CSAs promote complementary discovery, knowledge development, and
implementation of lessons throughout the joint force community. All
organizations participating in the JLLP are to coordinate activities and
collaboratively exchange observations, findings, and recommendations to the
maximum extent possible.

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This instruction establishes policy, guidance, and responsibilities
for the CJCS Joint Lessons Learned Program (JLLP) and codifies the Joint
Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS) as the DOD system of record for
the JLLP.

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