Capability Portfolio Management

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a. Align program elements (PEs) to Tier One JCAs and assign a lead JCA and corresponding CPM (for coordination purposes only) when PEs are mapped to more than one JCA.

b. In consultation with the Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller/Chief Financial Officer; the Director, J-8/Joint Staff Force Structure Resources and Assessment Directorate; and other Components as necessary, establish an open and transparent process to resolve cross-portfolio issues of all types that cannot be resolved between CPMs, or between CPMs and the Components, and present options to the DAWG.

(1) Identify authoritative data sources for use in capability portfolio management.

(2) Act as the Executive Secretariat to the DAWG and the Capability Portfolio Management Council.

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a. Establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for the use of capability portfolio management in order to advise senior leadership on capability investment pursuant to the authority vested in the Secretary of Defense by section 113 of title 10, United States Code (Reference (a)).

b. Incorporates and cancels the “Action to Critical Path (ACP) 2” portion of Deputy Secretary of Defense Memorandum (Reference (b)) and incorporates and cancels Deputy Secretary of Defense Memorandums (References (c) and (d)).

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