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This document was developed by a working group with representation from the following organizations:

Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA)
International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)
Enterprise Process Improvement Collaboration (EPIC)

The Systems Engineering Capability Model (SECM) working group was formed by the G47 Systems
Engineering Committee in accordance with EIA guidelines. The number of representatives from each
organization was controlled by the working group charter.

Though all working group members, past and present, have contributed in some degree to this effort,
Version 1.0 of this Interim Standard is primarily the result of the efforts of the following individuals:

Blake Andrews Rockwell INCOSE
Jim Armstrong Software Productivity Consortium EIA
Karl Arunski Raytheon Systems Company EIA, WG Chair
Don Barber Honeywell Inc. INCOSE
Charles Bush Software Engineering Institute EPIC
John Evers Raytheon Systems Company EIA, Technical Support
George Hudak AT&T Labs EIA
Gene McKinley Raytheon Systems Company Technical Editor
Steve Mosier PRC EIA
Curt Wells Lockheed Martin Corporation EPIC
E. Richard Widmann Raytheon Systems Company INCOSE

This document was generated primarily from information contained within the INCOSE Systems
Engineering Capability Assessment Model (SECAM), Version 1.50, and the EPIC Capability Maturity
Model for Systems Engineering (SE-CMM), Version 1.1. These two source documents, in turn, were built
upon previous version(s) of these documents. The contributors to those previous versions are listed in
Annex E.

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