Supportability Performance Standard: SAE+SOLE

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SOLE the International Society for Logistics is a non-profit, international, professional society devoted to scientific, educational and literary endeavors to enhance the art and science of logistics technology, education and management. Membership is open to all individuals and companies working, studying or interested in the career fields of logistics technology, management, engineering, education, product support and physical distribution.

The SOLE Standards Development Committee is responsible to the Board of Directors for identifying logistics functions, processes and tasks that are critical to the logistics profession and would benefit society if they were standardized throughout industry, government and academia. The committee is responsible for identifying candidates for standard development, developing draft standards, coordinating the draft standards with a broad segment of industry, government and academia for adequacy and accuracy and issuing standards for use by the general public, as appropriate.

SAE, the Society of Automotive Engineers, is a member-driven organization of more than 69,000 professionals in 90 countries around the world who share a common interest in advancing mobility technology to serve humanity. SAE members design, manufacture, test, market, and maintain self-propelled land, sea, air and space vehicles, their components and systems. They include engineers from every technical discipline and the professionals who work closely with them to improve vehicle efficiency, performance, reliability and safety. Members are employed in the automotive and aerospace industry, as well as in government and education. Many are leaders in their fields who serve as key resources for the SAE engineering community.

The SAE Technical Standards Board is the world's largest developer of technical standards for land, sea, air and space vehicles. These standards are an agreement on form, fit and function, enabling engineers from every discipline, industry and country to talk to each other in a common language. Thousands of volunteers serve on SAE technical committees, developing and updating standards vital to government and industry. These guidelines cover engine rating, fuels, lubricants, hoses and fittings, fuel economy, air cargo and ground handling equipment, roll-over protective structures and much more. Each year SAE publishes and distributes thousands of mobility standards, technical meeting presentations, reference books and special publications. Information from these and many other sources is added to the comprehensive SAE database system.


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