MIL-STD-498, J-STD-016, and the U.S. Commercial Standard

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MIL-STD-498 was approved for interim use December 1994 by the Defense Standards Improvement Council. This standard harmonizes the predecessor standards DOD-STD-2167A and DOD-STD-7935A, which were specific to embedded mission-critical software and automated information systems respectively. The standard provides many advantages by incorporating the years of lessons learned from using the predecessor standards on contracts.

IEEE-STD-1498 and J-STD-016-1995

Even before the approval of MIL-STD-498, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) and Electronic Industries Association (EIA) had begun to develop a commercial version of MIL-STD-498 published in January 1996 as J-STD-016-1995. Prior to its publication, the working drafts were widely referred to as 1498 a shortened term for "IEEE STD P1498 EIA IS 640."

U.S. Commercial Standard (US 12207-1996)

In August 1995, ISO/IEC 12207 was released as an approved international standard. The JISWG is adapting 12207 for United States use to include the technical content found in J-STD-016. The working group consists of representatives from commercial and government organizations.
US 12207-1996 will consist of ISO/IEC 12207 with additional materials. [...]
The scope of ISO/IEC 12207 is broader than the scope of J-STD-016. J-STD-016-1995 focuses on the development process while ISO/IEC 12207 includes the acquisition, supply, operation, and maintenance processes. Consequently, the additional materials in US 12207-1996 focus on those areas where the two standards overlap, i.e., development and the supporting processes such as documentation, quality assurance, configuration management, and joint reviews.

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