US 12207 (1996+)

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From MIL-STD-498, J-STD-016, and the U.S. Commercial Standard:

U.S. Commercial Standard (US 12207-1996)

In August 1995, ISO/IEC 12207 was released as an approved international standard. The JISWG is adapting 12207 for United States use to include the technical content found in J-STD-016. The working group consists of representatives from commercial and government organizations.
US 12207-1996 will consist of ISO/IEC 12207 with additional materials.
The scope of ISO/IEC 12207 is broader than the scope of J-STD-016. J-STD-016-1995 focuses on the development process while ISO/IEC 12207 includes the acquisition, supply, operation, and maintenance processes. Consequently, the additional materials in US 12207-1996 focus on those areas where the two standards overlap, i.e., development and the supporting processes such as documentation, quality assurance, configuration management, and joint reviews.

From Contracting for Quality EEE493 2001:

IEEE/EIA 12207 (June 1998)

- Also called “US 12207” for historical reasons

- Represents a “tactical” implementation of ISO 12207

- Focus is on the organizational level rather than the project level

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