IEEE/EIA 12207.2-1997 - Guide for ISO/IEC 12207, Standard for Information Technology - Software Life Cycle Processes - Implementation considerations

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Industry implementation of International Standard ISO/IEC 12207: 1995. (ISO/IEC 12207 standard for information technology - software life cycle processes - implementation considerations

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IEEE/EIA 12207.2-1997
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ISO/IEC 12207 provides a common framework for developing and managing software. IEEE/EIA 12207.0 consists of the clarifications, additions, and changes accepted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) as formulated by a joint project of the two organizations. IEEE/EIA 12207.2 provides implementation consideration guidance for the normative clauses of IEEE/EIA 12207.O. The guidance is based on software industry experience with the life cycle processes presented in IEEE/EIA 12207.0.

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